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Job Placement as per Your Abilities,Skills,Talent & Experience Parent Organization ABL Serving The Nation Since 1968 (Registration No.3904[1968-1969]Under The Society Registration Act XXI of 1860) Project Developed by :Institute For Resource Development IN PARTENERSHIP WITH SARAL ROZGAR of TECH. MAHINDRA LTD Projected Reviewed by:DGET,Ministry of Labour(1990),Govt of India Planning Commission Govt.of India under NGO Partnership System ID:DL/2010/0025865
Mission Statement
Our Mission is to Help in Providing Job-Placement Service or Self-Employment to An Individual Who is in Need of that According to Abilities: Educational Qualification, Skills, Attitude, Aptitude Interest & Experience in the Particular Field of Specialization. It is Our Determination to Ensure that those Who come to us For Employment Relief Will not Go Back Unsatisfied. We Work together with the Employers to Ensure that Good Hard-Working People with Appropriate Skills must get the Job with those Employers Who Need them All the Time. Our Strength Lies in Maintaining Harmonious Relations With Amicable Environment among Employers Employees and Rashtriya Rozgar Mission
Join hands with Rashtriya Rozgar Mission
You can join Rashtriya Rozgar Mission (NGO) by Opening its Franchisee in any part of Indian Republic.Download Form from other page of this Website as per your desire and fill the required Form and send it by E.Mail and Charges may be Deposit in any Branch of Canara Bank in favour of RASHTRIYA ROZGAR MISSION(NGO) Current A/C No.2011201001960 KAMLA NAGAR BRANCH,DELHI-110007. You will be Honoured with Franchisee Certificate within 7days of the Receipt of Form and Deposited Slip by E.Mail immediately with Complete Project Report ,Guidelines and Instructions to Start Rashtriya Rozgar Mission Franchisee for Better JOB PLACEMENT ACTIVITIES in Your Area.